About Us

About Us
Worn To Love is your go-to for classic infinity bridesmaid dresses from $45, we make infinity bridesmaid dresses collections between different fabrics and styles in high quality at indeed affordable price to match different demands.
Our philosophy is simple – it’s all about making you finding your perfect dress “worn to love” and spending “every cent valuable”.


We started Worn To Love because we know you don’t want to spend too much on a dress that will likely only be worn once. Because that’s a seriously high cost-per-wear, and we knew there had to be a better way.

Here comes the MAGICAL ONE Dress that we are proud of, we make several lines of multi-ways dress, every collection truly been deemed the perfect bridesmaids dress choice, because of its versatility, no matter how many bridesmaids you have, they can all wear the same dress but mix-match the styles as they like. This offers an element of uniformity that is perfect if you are a stickler for having everything match. No need to have your bridal party wearing all different dress styles and slightly different colour shades. This is an all-in-one solution.

We officially launched Worn to Love in 2017 - and have been in the business of dressing thousands of women who just want to find The One (without leaving their couch) ever since.

Why You’ll Love Us

We’re affordable. We don't have a fancy boutique and passed that cost on to you. We keep our overheads low just for you. In fact, it's our mission to make our bridesmaids dresses super affordable, so you can spend the money you saved on something else.

We’re easy. Worn To Love makes things as easy-peasy for you as can be. Shop from your couch and we’ll have the postman deliver it straight to your door.

We are professional. We listen to the customers' voice, and keep improving every detail to a perfect format, to find a best combination of fabric and design in order to give our customers a perfect fitting dress in an affordable price.

We’re customisable. We’ve got options. Choose the style, fabric and colour that suits you no matter what shape or size. Found the perfect design in your hand but on tight budget? Why not to reach us, we've got you covered. Not to mention our custom-made dresses can be made in over 100 colours.

We hope that all ladies wearing our perfect infinity dress can have a magic power, so that she instantly shines, elegant, charming, confident, and from then on to start her happy new life!

If you have any questions or concerns while shopping with us, drop us an email at hello@worntolove.com 

Additionally, we offer secure online ordering with your Credit card processes with Paypal and proudly accept all major Credit cards. You’re always Shopping safe with us!